We, at the Entrepreneurship Cell, share the common belief that India will only emerge as a world power if the youth breaks the shackles of prejudices and inertia that has kept them from starting up. Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide a platform to individuals with creative minds, ideas and the potential to run a substantial business, is what we strive towards continually. We enable smooth and efficient interaction between its principal components spanning students, faculty, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

What E-cell has for you?

How it will benefit you
  • Accelerate your idea
  • Interactions with successful entrepreneurs
  • Mentorship by experts
  • Monetory support
  • Converting Idea into business models
  • Linking startups and budding entrepreneurs in an informal way.
  • Providing a platform for turning your ideas to reality

Our Work in Institute

We water the ‘Ideas’ in the bud and help them bloom into impactful endeavors through networking student enterprises from idea to incubators, seeding funds and angel investors to transform the newly proposed ideas into successful start-ups




Upcoming Events

We organize seminars, ideation workshops, hackathons and innovation competitions in our institution to engage, encourage and channelize the creative energy and entrepreneurial potential of students to build innovations and enterprises.

There is no Upcoming event decided so far.

Give wings to your Ideas

Always Remember: “What is now proved was once only imagined”, So give wings to your ideas and start Innovating. Don't forget: “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”.


Teacher Coordinators

Dr. Chandra Charu Tripathi

Director, UIET and Head, IIC

Dr. Vishal Ahlawat

Convener and IIC President

Dr. Sunil Nain

Vice President

Mr. Harnek Saini

Start-up Activity Coordinator

Mr. Atul Sharma

ARIIA Coordinator

Mr. Archit Sharma

IPR Activity Coordinator

Mr. Naveen Bedi

Innovation Activity

Mr. Ravinder

Internship Activity Coordinator

Mr. Vikas

Social Media Coordinator

Mr. Krishna Pandey

NIRF Coordinator

Core Team Leads

Vedita Sharma

E-cell Lead and IPR coordinator

Manisha Sharma

IIC Lead and Innovation Coordinator

Ritik Kumar

Management co-Lead


Management co-Lead


Social Media Coordinator

Lakshya Saini

Designing Lead and Internship Coordinator

Simran Dhiman

Developer Lead and Startup Coordinator

Rajat Bansal

Marketing Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

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